Le sud

Famous bridge 🌉 of Lisbon before Belem.


Dernières minutes avant mon vol vers le nord mais encore le temps de partager quelques photos du sud du Portugal. 

En bref: un super week-end à Lisbonne, un passage sympa dans la jolie ville d’origine romaine d’Évora, des oliviers, des chênes-liège dans l’Alentejo qui est le petit paradis secret des portugais, sans oublier la magnifique côte jusqu’au cap saint Vincent où pêcheurs et surfeurs se partagent les vagues. 

A lot of stairs! Lisbon is keeping you in good shape.

Look the guy sitting in the bark is checking his smartphone 📱

First semi serious broke for Mayac, a spoke didn’t support the Portuguese cobblestones on the streets

Funny streetart



In few minutes time to fly home but still some time to share a couple of pictures of the south of Portugal. 

In short: a great weekend in Lisbon, a nice visit of the roman city of Évora, a lot of ork-oak and olive trees in Alentejo which is the secret Portuguese heaven, and of course the coast until the cape St Vincent which is a beauty where local fishers and surfers from all the globe share the wave. 

Diana’s roman temple in Évora

Rooftop on the Cathedral of Evora with view on the tipical Alentejo’s landscape 

Chênes-liège, cork-oak

All the houses are white

The coast with a nice trails along, really nice!

Small fish Harbor ⚓

Close from Bordeira

Stalagmites des sables 😉

Cimetière dans le château!

Cap saint Vincent

Cherchez la cigogne

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